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All cats are special to us at “Mountain View Cat Hotel” no matter if they need extra care, medication, injections, special diets if they are very old, young or just plain normal cats. They will all be lavished with love and care.


About Us

We have been running Mountain View since 2006 and in this time we have met some fabulous characters, as you can imagine, leaving their foot prints entrenched in our hearts.

Paul and I look after the cats together; I have many years of Veterinary care, this gives me the ability to provide professional care for them.

We work in conjunction with Puntovet   veterinary clinic in Aspe.   telephone     965494770 /607188566.  The girls there Andreia   and Rosa (whom both speak  English ) run an outstanding and modern clinic, they will give your cat all the time and dedication if ever needed.

Needless to say if there are signs that your cat is not well and I can’t solve them Puntovet will be their first point of call as your cat’s health is paramount to us.


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